Legend Vineyard Exclusive

French Sparkling Rosé
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The LVE Collection by John Legend is the perfect harmony of passion, eloquence and Napa Valley tradition. LVE wines are a unique series of rich, soulful and complex notes inspired by true love, produced in collaboration with Napa Valley’s renowned Raymond Vineyards. Legend Vineyard Exclusive was a dream long in the making. As with his music, John searched for the right collaborator, a vineyard whose pursuit of the perfect blend and standards of excellence equaled his own. With roots deep in the Napa Valley and award-winning wines known for beautiful balance, finesse and power, Raymond Vineyards was the perfect match. LVE brings together classic elegance, rich complexity and modern soul.

Please note that this is an imported wine and cannot legally be shipped to GA, IA, IL, IN, LA, ME, MI, MO, MT, OH, SD, VA or WV

Tasting Notes

The pink color of our LVE Rosé French Sparkling is reminiscent of a vineyard peach.


With a fruity nose, blending notes of citrus and small red fruits, the bubbles are soft and pleasant. 


It’s well-balanced with voluptuousness and hints of red currents and pomelos, complemented by a nice acidity on the finish.

Vintage Notes: 

The grapes were selected from a blend of vineyards in well-known growing regions of France, like the Loire and Languedoc to create its unique and fruity style.
The wine was elaborated in the Charmat Method and aged for 3 months to create small, delicate bubbles that delight the palate.

Tech Notes
  • Appellation: France
  • Varietal
    • 10% Pinot Noir 
    • 10% Grenache 
    • 80% White Varietal Blend comprise of Ugni Blanc, Colombard
  • Alcohol:  11.5%
  • Dosage: 10g
  • Ageing: 3 months
Pairs Well With
Meats & Fish:
Rich Seafood Dishes such as Lobsters and Scallops
Cheese & Nuts:
light cheeses