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Rashmi Malhotra


Dear fellow wine lovers, I would like to introduce to you my avocation around my passion for wine. For me wine lifestyle is living the good life be it in a small vineyard in Tuscany watching the grapes grow, traveling the world experiencing local wine and the wine lifestyle, enjoying the company of my friends with wonderful wine paired with great food. Wine is a universal language, a language shared by wine lovers. It is all about the story in every glass, bottle, vineyard, winemaker and his family. When I heard the story of Jean Charles Boisset, part of the third largest family owned wine producer in France with 25 wineries spanning across France, California, Canada and Italy bringing his passion for wine to a new division Boisset Wine Living I was intrigued. Intrigued enough to get involved and share with you. Life is a Cabernet friends….Enjoy Great Wines with Great Friends. Rashmi

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