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Iris N Allen

Houston, TX

Passion is the driving force behind my love of wine. Embracing the discipline to absorb all that is wine; and in return, like that
of an overflowing Burgundy glass, sharing it with others of the like mind.
I have an unyielding appreciation for the European’s passion for wine as their custom dictates wine to be consumed at almost every meal. Wine is the preferred beverage instead of water; it is not unusual for entire families, including children, to share wine at each mealtime. In the United States, wine is considered only at celebrations or it is romanticized for special occasions.
My father exposed me to wine at an early age; I was not permitted to indulge but I experienced observing him as he ordered wine for the adults who were present at the table when we dined out. My passion was unveiled at the age of 12 as I was reading an article, on the process of aging Brandy, Armagnac and Cognac, in a Travel and Leisure Magazine.
It was at this point I was seduced and lured into the world of wine and spirits. My predilection commenced with distilled spirits and for over 20 years I have found myself enamored with the infinite world of wine. With encouragement from many and a personal gift from a very close friend, I finally succumbed to my passion and enrolled in the following:

  • International Sommelier’s Guild certification course at the University of Houston and completed the Certification Course Levels I & II  - January 2008 
  • Court of Master Sommeliers  Introductory Sommelier Course – Completed Level I June 2009. 
  • Hospitality & Beverage Specialist – Society of Wine Educators – Completed February 2013

I have totally  engrossed myself into the world of Oenophilia (Oenophile – is a lover of wine).  A world that I have discovered is immeasurable and timeless. What’s more fascinating is that my education will be perpetual. With that said, I invite you to participate in this passionate journey with me as we explore the inexhaustible universe of the grape with the Boisset Collection!

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