Experience the Unique and Memorable Moments of Boisset

Explore the magic of our wine world.


We offer some of the wine world's most innovative and engaging experiences at our wineries, vineyards, and tasting rooms as well as in homes and boardrooms across the country via our network of Boisset Ambassadors. Each experience is a blend of artistry and delight sure to stimulate the senses whether it is in-person or virtual. Whether you are a wine aficionado or a wine novice, seeking to book for a group or yourself, we have something just for you.

Bonpas Vineyards in snow


Looking for a fun and engaging way to connect with friends and family? Whether you gather online or in person, our wine tasting experiences are the perfect solution!

Choose from our extensive menu of interactive, educational Tasting Experiences and book a date today for you and your guests to be guided through the wines by one of our knowledgeable Boisset Ambassadors, just as you would be at one of our wineries!

Private Wine Tasting Experiences

On-Property Experiences, Artfully Designed

With locations in the wine world's finest terroirs and growing regions, our wineries offer unparalleled experiences sure to ignite the senses.

Each of our wineries features carefully crafted experiences for you and your guests' enjoyment. From touring the vineyards to tasting wines and blending them yourself, we offer something for everyone. Join us on-property for a memorable rendezvous!

On-Property Experiences

The Red Room at Raymond Vineyards



An engaging event idea for your organization's clients, donors and colleagues. Let the wondrous world of Boisset wines be part of your team-building success.

A Boisset wine tasting can enhance your next corporate social gathering or fundraising event, whether it's taking place in-person or being held online. Designed by our world-class wine educator and led by a Boisset Ambassador, share in an entertaining, informative experience.

Corporate Wine Events




We host exciting events throughout the year. Raise a glass with us at an upcoming Boisset wine event, either taking place in-person or being held online.

Whether you're interested in events that take place at our wineries and tasting rooms or you're looking for an engaging event nearer to home, our events let you enjoy the company of fellow wine lovers as well as taste exquisite Boisset wines.

Calendar of Events