JCB Candles -Small


Our candles make the perfect gift for any housewarming party, special occasion, or favorite holiday for the candle lover in your life. Treat them to candles handcrafted with scents specially curated to fill rooms not just with warmth and light, but incredible scents as well. Learn more about our candles below, and select the candles of your choosing from our drop-down menu. 

JCB Candle, Nº 0

The wholeness of this candle is perfectly embodied by the No. 0. The perfect circle, it is the symbol of the entire winemaking process. From the beginning of a wine - the vine and its rootstock - to its growth, harvesting and finally its evolution in the ultimate stage - aging in gracious, elegant oak barrels that brings another dimension of flavors. The smell of still earthy vine wood develops with the warmth of fire-toasted oak, spices and vanilla.

JCB Candle, Nº 00 

The perfect harmony of the Large No. 00 candle celebrates hope, birth and new life! No. 00, with its notes of fresh, soft white grape pulp with rose, orange blossom, and hints of green wood evoke a perfect fruit scent that promises a rare and beautiful wine. Its sparkling and delicate characters embody the birth and hope of a new vintage, a new beginning... The delicate and enigmatic alchemy of the moment of creation!

JCB Leopard Candle

An inspiration from the wild, the large JCB Leopard candle comprises the three elements of vine, earth and water. With top notes of fresh, tart green vine leaves wrapped in gentle Burgundy blackcurrants, and grounded in notes of earth and white cedar. The mysterious and wild, the animal and sauvage, the gentle balance of earth and freshness!

JCB Red Velvet Candle 

The singular JCB red candle hints at the decadence of dimly-lit, velvet-ensconced lounges where luxurious parties hold memories and hushed secrets. Plush and cozy, its smoky, amber fragrance is warm and enigmatic with light tobacco notes. Red velvet is the ultimate MYSTERIOUS SECRET OF JCB 'THE ALCHEMIST.'

JCB Black Velvet Candle 

Dark, opulent and mysterious, JCB's black velvet essence creates a voluptuous and luxurious atmosphere. Delicate top notes of light rose and rose water give way to a deep amber, vanilla and woody fragrance culled from the inspiration and secrecies of the forest. Deeply luxurious, deeply mysterious JCB Black Velvet!

JCB Velvet (Bee) Coronation Candle

The Bee is the ultimate goddess, symbolizing the sun, celebration and community. She embodies personal strength, wisdom, productivity and altruism. Her role in our ecosystem makes her one of the most important creatures on planet Earth. The bee taught me the true meaning and importance of respecting nature, and guide through the understanding of Biodynamic farming. Merci mon mon Coeur!

Some of these wonderful scents are also available as a Room Spray