The Boisset Wine Tasting


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It is with great delight and honor that I introduce you to a wine world re-imagined. Uniting centuries of my Burgundian family tradition with a passion for the graceful sophistication of California Terroirs, our collection of wineries reflects our Franco-American heritage, bringing together the best of the old world and new world into one world of wine!

Boisset Wine Tasting Experience Welcome

Taste of Boisset

Enjoy your personalized wine tasting with your Ambassador serving as your very own curator of our wine world

Boisset Wine Heritage


Our collection of wineries is bound together by a common cause: authentic, terroir-driven wines in historical estates spanning the most prestigious wine growing regions.  

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Try Before you Buy

In your experience today, you will be introduced to the best of the old world and new world of wine, helping to take the guesswork out of choosing your perfect wine.   

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Pouring wine into a glass

Host a Tasting

Interested in hosting your own Boisset Tasting Experience? Your Ambassador can offer your friends a unique social gathering that blends the art of hospitality and access to extraordinary wines. 

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Decadent Tasting Experience

Enjoy this limited time "Decadent Tasting Experience" of 4 superb wines just in time for summer. 

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Sparkling Tasting Experience

Discover the joys of French bubbles and explore their range of flavors with three of our favorite sparkling wines from France.

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Classic Tasting Experience

Sample six of our most popular California wines in this delicious introduction to the family-owned wineries of the Boisset Collection.

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Reserve Tasting Experience

Savor a remarkable array of six California wines of finesse and complexity, whose grace reflects the French heritage of the Boisset family.

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Franco-American Tasting Experience

Compare and contrast six fine wines from California and France's legendary Burgundy region, where the Boisset family of wineries were born.

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Grande Reserve Tasting Experience

Indulge the senses and inspire the soul with this luxurious sampling of six of the Boisset Collection's most sought-after California wines.

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Boisset Wine Society

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  • How many people can be in a tasting?

    Put answer to question here so that guest knows more information.

  • Do I have to provide my own wine glasses?

    Your Ambassador will help guide you through this tasting experience, including providing Riedel wine glasses for your guests to use during the tasting.

  • Do I need to provide a meal?

    No, although we do recomend that some simple foods are provided to pair with the wine.  Your Ambassador will help guide you with some recipes for some very simple items that are not difficult to prepare.