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When you join our team of independent Ambassadors you become part of the inner circle of the wine world.  Ambassadors earn generous commissions by sharing our wines in a flexible way that can fit into your busy life alongside an existing career.    

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It only takes a few minutes to join and  launch your wine business. To enroll, choose an Ambassador Kit and subscribe to our Cellar Suite platform.  Don't have a sponsor?  No worries, we will connect you to the right person once you enroll.  

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We provide our Ambassadors with training from our dedicated home office team, our talented winemakers and our Boisset Sommelier.  We make it easy to get started quickly with the basics and provide ongoing training when you are ready to learn more. Your sponsor and our community of Ambassadors are here to support and cheer you on.  Whether you are just learning about wine or an experienced enthusiast, all you need is your passion for wine and an entrepreneurial spirit.  






When you join as a new Ambassador you are eligible to participate in our 90-Day JUMPSTART Program which rewards you with generous cash bonuses.  Our Annual Ambassador Retreat is a not-to-be-missed event in the heart of wine country.  Top Ambassadors can earn luxury all-expense paid trips to France with Jean-Charles himself to experience VIP tours of the Boisset family's historic estates and vineyards, and additional tempting incentive programs with luxurious rewards are offered throughout the year.

Take this journey with us as an Ambassador and discover a World of Wine REIMAGINED.

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You'll need to start with one of our Boisset Business Packages (a one-time enrollment fee). Most include a selection of our wines for your launch tasting but all provide you with the essential Boisset tools of the trade. Our Independent Ambassadors also have access to our powerful technology platform Cellar Suite, which provides you with your own personal website and training for $14 per month or $120 annually (your first 3 months are included in your enrollment package). It takes only a few minutes to complete the enrollment process and you will officially be welcomed into our extended family. Your website will be live right away!

Digital Package

Become a Boisset Ambassador and open your own personal online wine store instantly. Your Cellar Suite subscription will provide immediate access to our digital platform, training tools and marketing resources. This package does not include wine, stemware or accessories, but does include a $25 product credit for you to use towards products of your choice.


Includes your Cellar Suite membership for the first 90 days, then $14 per month or $120 per year

Essentials Package

This option is perfect for getting your business started on the right foot! In addition to the Cellar Suite access included in the Digital Package, the Essentials Package also includes the materials you'll need for your first 2 wine tastings: two of our most popular 3-bottle flights, branded wine tools and the Passion for Wine book & Companion Journal, as well as the $25 product credit towards your first purchase.

YOUR COST JANUARY ONLY: $84.50. REGULAR PRICE: $169 (a $324 value)

Cellar Suite membership is free for the first 90 days, then $14 per month or $120 per year

Wine One
Wine Two
Wine Three
Wine Four
Wine Five
Wine Six

Deluxe Package

This enrollment option offers the best value and is ideal for the Ambassador who wants to get their business started quickly and in high style. In addition to all of the materials included in the Essentials Package, the Deluxe Package also provides an additional 6 bottle Tasting Experience that highlights Boisset's unique "Spectrum of Style" for a total of 12 incredible wines as well as the $25 product credit towards your first purchase.

YOUR COST JANUARY ONLY: $144.50. REGULAR PRICE: $289 (a $524 value)

Cellar Suite membership is free for the first 90 days, then $14 per month or $120 per year

Wine One
Wine Two
Wine Three
Wine Four
Wine Five
Wine Six


Enjoy the authentic camaraderie, celebrate the meaningful experiences and nurture your knowledge together.

Join Our Community

“The wine, food, friendships and experiences are unlike anything I have ever experienced.”   

Robin D., San Diego, CA

“The Boisset Ambassador program has given me the opportunity to turn my passion for wine into a whole new career.  The level of support we receive from the company and of course JCB is amazing!” 

Loren H., Los Angeles, CA

“Being part of the wine world with Boisset has truly changed my life. I’ve met so many incredible people and built a great business that allows me to help others and give back to my community in ways I never imagined.”

Anne M., Novato, CA

“When we relocated for my husband’s career, my wine business came too!  My customers shop online, anytime.  I’ve been able to grow my business representing wineries people know and respect.”

Katie R., Lincoln, NE


  • What wines are in the collection?

    Ambassadors share a diverse selection of award-winning wines from our family of wineries in California and France including Raymond Vineyards in Napa Valley, DeLoach Vineyards in Sonoma, and Buena Vista Winery in Carneros.  In addition to representing limited production and estate wines found exclusively in our tasting rooms, Curated Collection wines are available exclusively through our Ambassadors.  With more than 100 allocated wines representing many regions, styles, and price you become an extension of our tasting rooms and can personally curate wines that cater to anyone from the casual wine consumer to the avid collector.  

  • What is a Boisset Tasting Experience?

    The Boisset Tasting Experience is affordable, fun and can be virtual or in-person.  You provide the hospitality and your personal style. Simply have each attendee or the "host" of a sponsored event (think businesses and fundraisers too!) pre-order Tasting Experiences.  Use the custom presentation tools and your personality to create a fun and memorable wine experience! 

  • What is the Boisset Wine Society?

    Boisset Wine Society Members perks include 20% savings, complimentary shipping and receive automatic shipments of 3, 6 or 12 wines every three months, each matched to their preferred styles with curated seasonal selections. All Wine Society shipments are 100% customizable from our extensive wine list and member perks include 20-30% savings, complimentary tastings at our wineries, private invitations to nationwide tasting events and early access to new releases. 

  • Can I cancel my Cellar Suite membership?

    An active Cellar Suite membership is required for Boisset Ambassadors since the platform processes and tracks your sales.  If you cancel your membership (or if your credit card cannot be charged for its renewal), your Ambassador account will be deactivated. After 90 days without payment, your customers will be re-assigned.  Ambassadors may terminate their account by contacting  Annual memberships are non-refundable. 

  • Is there a minimum that I need to sell?

    Ambassadors must have at least $1,000 in Personal Sales Volume per year to remain in the program. This minimum annual sales and your Cellar Suite subscription are the only two requirements to stay enrolled as an Ambassador and maintain benefits. If you choose to build a team, a minimum of $250 in Personal Sales Volume per month is required to be eligible to receive team commissions. 


  • What if you don’t have any wine knowledge or business background?

    Whether you are a wine connoisseur or simply have a passion for the lifestyle, you will flourish in this exciting opportunity. At Boisset, we are committed to your success. We provide the training and tools you need to guide tastings and grow your business. You will be empowered by our top wine experts, including Jean-Charles himself, our top Sommelier, Marnie Old, tasting room experts as well as attend incredible, wine lifestyle events.  You will have access to weekly training calls and 24/7 online tools. And, of course, the amazing community of like-minded people who celebrate each others success. You will quickly become your guests’ one stop shop for all of their wine and entertaining needs. You just need a little passion!

  • What type of training is provided?

    You’ll get one-on-one coaching from your Sponsor, the wine Ambassador who invited you to join, plus you'll meet other Independent Ambassadors at monthly local meetings.

    The Home Office Team, including our in-house wine makers and Sommelier provide weekly training calls, 24/7 online tools, brochures, tasting notes and guides to walk you through step by step. There are regional training events to get hands-on training from local top Ambassadors. Our national annual retreat provides you powerful business training from our winemakers, marketing team, and the chance to network with others. Our annual trip to France for top achievers is so special – it is the trip of a lifetime, with unprecedented access to Burgundy. Ultimately you will meet amazing people with a passion for wine, the lifestyle, and be integrated into a supportive community like no other.

  • Are there detailed policies for the Boisset Ambassador program?

    Yes, please review our policies and procedures before enrolling as an Independent Ambassador which include the terms of being an independent contractor, how to conduct tastings, state wine shipping laws, and how to promote your business on social media.  

  • How many hours do I need to work?

    You determine your success and the time you wish to devote to your business. Some Ambassadors have full-time jobs and devote 5-10 hours a week while others make their Boisset Ambassadorship a full time career. It’s truly up to you and it may change depending on your life circumstances. 

  • How much do I need to invest?

    When you enroll as a Boisset Ambassador, you will need to purchase a Business Kit. All kits include a 90-day Cellar Suite membership for the platform you will use to manage your Boisset business. After this period, the cost for Cellar Suite is $14 per month or $120 annually. Premium kits that include additional discounted products for leading tasting experiences, like wine, stemware or an initial supply of marketing materials are optional upgrades. We recommend that you also purchase Boisset branded business cards from our preferred vendor and consider enrolling in a Boisset Wine Society membership to receive savings on your own personal purchases, though this is not required  Ambassadors are not required to purchase inventory or pay for wine tastings. Tasting Experiences are purchased directly by the end consumer who will host the wine tasting.  


  • What can I expect to earn?

    Ambassadors receive commissions twice a month and earn between 15%-35% of the commissionable volume (CV) on wines and merchandise.  Other items such as business kits or business supplies are not eligible for commissions.  In addition to customer and personal orders, Ambassadors can also enroll new Ambassadors on their team and be eligible to earn between 2-8% of team sales.  Therefore, earnings vary widely and depend on the volume of orders received in a calendar month by your customers, any personal orders, and team member sales. For an overview of the Ambassador career plan, click here. If you would like to review the entire career plan prior to enrolling, please contact us.  

  • Can I do this?

    Yes – on your own time, in your own way.  Though wine can seem intimidating, we make it approachable so you earn as you learn.  You set the rules and you determine what success means to you. There are so many ways to run your business, selling online, bringing wine to social gatherings, guided tastings or more exclusive personal curation, building a team – the sky is the limit. 

  • Can I sell wine to restaurants or other commercial locations?

    No, our Ambassadors may only act in a marketing capacity with end consumers via private tastings and may not solicit restaurants, bars, retail stores, or other commercial outlets.

  • How are the wines sent to my clients? What if they live in a state that doesn’t allow wines to be shipped?

    Boisset Collection ships via UPS, FEDEX, or special temperature control trucks during hot and cold weather.   Currently we ship wine to 38 different states.  Due to the sensitivity to temperature and weight of wine, we expect our Ambassadors to understand the shipping options in the states they service so that orders are entered with the best shipping option possible.  Typically orders entered by 10AM pacific Monday – Friday will ship the same business day.  For more information, please see our States of Operation for a list of states and volume limitations per consumer.