Invite friends or colleagues to join you for a guided virtual wine tasting to learn, laugh and connect online as you achieve vin-lightenment! 

Sample three distinct styles of wine that are all ideal summer-weight refreshers, from dry French Rosé to rich Sonoma Chardonnay to a decadently sweet sparkling red! Relax and enjoy as your Boisset Ambassador leads this lively, entertaining and delicious tasting with an emphasis on pairings with summer cuisine and featuring expert-level insights and visual aids from our Boisset Sommelier, wine author Marnie Old. 


*For pre-booked guided tasting events only – maximum 2 per event. To book a tasting experience, contact your Boisset Ambassador, or email us at Customer Care to request a referral to someone in your area..

*Once you’ve purchased your flight, you will qualify for a $20 product credit which can be applied toward additional purchases on ($40 minimum purchase).