Winemaker For A Day Blending Kit

The iconic Raymond Vineyards "Winemaker for a Day" experience helsp wine lovers explore their creativity explore their creativity and craft their own Napa Valley Red Blends to enjoy year round. Allow our favorite dashing Frenchman to help you unleash your desires and channel your inner winemaker as you each craft your own personal cuvée! Whether you aim to please your partner or satisfy your own tastes as you blend, you will see firsthand how oak affects a finished wine, and discover what characteristics the different varietals add to a blend. Each at-home wine blending kit provides a tasting for up to 4 people and includes: 4 Raymond Red wines, 4 Graduated Cylinders, 4 Pipettes, Instruction Booklet and Blending Worksheets. 

$240 Retail | $216 Member