Whether you're celebrating the coming of the new year with a nice dinner at home or a safely-distanced celebration, this is the one night of the year where bubbles rule, so why not sample a range of styles and jewel toned colors as the evening progresses toward the big countdown?

Start the night off with a stylish French sparkling wine dressed to the nines in red holiday finery, a fun and flirty style that features a faint hint of sweetness to make it an ideal "first toast". Follow this with a classic Brut Rosé from Burgundy, France, made with 100% Pinot Noir and made in the traditional Champagne method, which makes an exceptional food partner. Finally, end 2020 on a memorable note with an uncommon sparkling red wine from Sonoma's Alexander Valley, an intense, boldly-flavored Zinfandel that can pair beautifully with everything from steaks and cheeses to chocolate and custard desserts!


*If you would like to book a guided tasting of these wines, contact your Boisset Ambassador, or email us at Customer Care to request a referral to someone in your area.