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Sparkling Gamay

French Kiss

What French Kiss Signifies:

Wines have sparkled for as long as grapes have been fermented into vinous elixir, because bubbles are a natural product of the fermentation process that turns fruit into wine. Until now, only winemakers could taste red wines mid transformation, when they are showing both the promise of fine dry wines and the allure of succulent fresh picked grapes. This seductive wine preserves and bottles this precious moment of duality and transition to share with the world a sparkling wine of vivid hue and seductive sensuality as memorable as a French Kiss.

Please note that this is an imported wine and cannot legally be shipped to GA, IL, MI, MT, VA, IA, LA, MO or WV. 


Tasting Notes


Unlike any other fine sparkling wine, the French Kiss is violet red in color. It is graced with a flirty kiss of natural grape sweetness and lasting, abundant bubbles.


pronounced aromas of red fruit such as strawberry and blackberry.


A well-balanced taste, that is full and rich with a touch of sharpness on the finish. Hints of wild red fruits, like strawberry and raspberry are also present. A festive and pleasant wine.


Vintage Notes: 

Ancestral method, in vat. French Kiss only uses the natural sugars present in the grapes, also giving a low alcoholic content.


Tech Notes

  • Region: Beaujolais, France
  • Alcohol: 7.5%
  • Varietals: 100% Gamay
  • Aging: ​3 months

Pairs Well With

Meats & Fish: 
Cheese & Nuts: 
Artisan cheeses of all sorts