Spirit of Leadership Award

There is just over a week to nominate one of your Leaders for our Spirit of Leadership Award! This is an annual recognition presented to one outstanding Leader who embodies the spirit of Boisset Collection. Spirit of Leadership recipients are truly special Ambassadors who have grown their teams, sponsoring and mentoring new and existing Ambassadors, cheerleading their teams to success, alongside growing their own personal business.

The Spirit of Leadership Award recognizes a Leader who embodies:

  • PASSION: Driven, motivated, energetic and enthusiastic, Leaders are always a role model for their team and willing to give their all.

  • CREATIVITY: Imaginative and innovative, Leaders are always looking for new ways to improve the guest experience as they grow their business and mentor others.

  • RESPECT: Leaders exemplify honesty and integrity, listening to and valuing other's opinions as they educate their team and always in line with the policies of the independent Ambassador program.

  • CONVIVIALITY: Welcoming, assured, gracious, hospitable and fair-minded, Leaders are welcoming to all Ambassadors with a positive attitude that puts everyone at ease.

  • EXCELLENCE: With their inspiring attitude and work ethic, Leaders lead by example in both sales and team building, while encouraging others to do the same.

Please include in your nomination a description of how your nominee embodies the values described above and how they have directly impacted you and your business.

Do you know a great Leader? We want to hear from you!


Why do you feel this individual deserves the honor of the Spirit of Leadership Award?
(i.e. is this your leader or your sponsor or someone you know)