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Welcome! I am Larschelby Kidd,

 I'm a California native who calls Wisconsin home.  During my 20+ years of living in Wisconsin as a Chef and Wine Educator, I've witnessed lots of change not only in wine consumption but also growth in this states wine industry. "I believes that Wisconsin is making a place for its Wines to be recognized by even the most sophisticated palates"​​

 Two words can describe how I speak about wine; Passion & Enthusiasm

Passion, is my motivation which I developed from my love of food through a career of traveling and cooking in professional kitchens. After retiring my Chef Coat, it was a natural transition into wine.

​ "I learned from my travels that Food, Wine and Friends are life's secrets to happiness”​​

Enthusiasm, is how I teach you about wine. Using a energetic, uncomplicated and easy to understand style.  "It all starts with a taste”.

I believe, that whether you like sweet, dry, red or white wine, there is a connoisseur lying dormant in everyone. I have a Simple Wine Philosophy,

Let Your Palate Be The Guide

I am a former Grape Grower and Retail Wine Shop Owner, Retired Chef, A Lover of all Wine, A Foodie, Author, Consultant, Speaker, Educator, Video Show Host and Certified Tourism Ambassador,

​​I am your ,Wisconsin Wine Guy and I would like to tell you a story through Wine


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