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It is with great delight and honor that I introduce you to a wine world re-imagined. Uniting centuries of my Burgundian family tradition with a passion for the graceful sophistication of California Terroirs, our collection of wineries reflects our Franco-American heritage, bringing together the best of the old world and new world into one world of wine!

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Taste of Boisset

Enjoy your personalized wine tasting with your Ambassador serving as your very own curator of our wine world

Boisset Wine Heritage


Our collection of wineries is bound together by a common cause: authentic, terroir-driven wines in historical estates spanning the most prestigious wine growing regions.  

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Try Before you Buy

In your experience today, you will be introduced to the best of the old world and new world of wine, helping to take the guesswork out of choosing your perfect wine.   

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Host a Tasting

Interested in hosting your own Boisset Tasting Experience? Your Ambassador can offer your friends a unique social gathering that blends the art of hospitality and access to extraordinary wines. 

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Red & White Experience

Did you know that grape color is not the only factor responsible for the differences between white and red wines? Explore what distinguishes these popular styles and why beauty in wine is not just skin deep!

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Taste Like a Pro Experience

Enjoying wine is fun and easy, but communicating about what you taste can be a challenge. That’s why professionals use a simple sensory checklist to assess a few key wine traits using four of our five senses.

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Clean Living Experience

Sorting fact from fiction can be a challenge when shopping for health-conscious wines. We’ll explore 3 facets of grape-growing and wine-making and their impacts on vines & humans, wine flavor and style.

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Sommelier's Secrets Experience

Beginners and afficionados alike will love this crash course in how to think like a somm! Discover a fascinating rule of thumb that will improve your pairing skills using basic seasonings from your kitchen.

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Big & Bold Experience

Compare a range of three styles, from refreshing to robust, that all share one thing in common: bolder flavor than average for their wine category. Learn which factors lead to their satisfying concentration.

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Red Wine Lover's Experience

Taste your way through wines that exemplify the 3 red categories of our Boisset Spectrum of Style: an elegant Sonoma Pinot Noir, a plush California Petite Sirah and a powerful Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon.

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Wine Country Experience

Take flight with us for a virtual tour of California wine country with this flight. We’ll showcase four of our iconic destination wineries in Napa Valley and Sonoma County as we savor delicious examples of their incredible wines, as if we were stopping into all four tasting rooms in one day!.

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Pair Like a Pro Experience

Take a peek behind the fine-dining curtain to learn how sommeliers decide which wines to partner with which dishes on the menu, exploring a critical path for achieving good, better and best pairings!

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Old World, New World Experience

Explore one of the most useful concepts that wine professionals rely on: the tasteable distinction found between “classic” wines made in Europe, or the Old World, and “modern” wines made in the Americas or southern hemisphere, known collectively as the New World.

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Spectrum of Style Experience

Discover all 5 categories of our color-coded wine “navigation system”, the Spectrum of Style – Vivacious, Voluptuous, Elegant, Sensuous & Powerful - which makes sense of wine by sorting our exceptional wines according to how they taste and therefore by their food-pairing strengths.

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JCB Collectible Experience

Sample the rare delights that come with a gold JCB Collector card! This flight of fancy features two wines created by Jean-Charles Boisset himself: a rule-breaking Pinot Noir that marries wines from top terroirs of Burgundy’s Côte de Nuits and California’s Russian River Valley in one bottle and a Napa Valley red blend that unleashes exotic Syrah grapes into an otherwise Bordeaux-style Cabernet Sauvignon based blend!

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JCB Alchemy of the Senses Experience

Explore the magical world of sensation and luxury conjured by Jean-Charles Boisset through his newest book and illustrated with his new surreal “artist series” of wines that transcend terroir and embrace style. Take a journey you’ll never forget using the five senses in new and different ways.

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Boisset Wine Society

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  • How many people can be in a tasting?

    Put answer to question here so that guest knows more information.

  • Do I have to provide my own wine glasses?

    Your Ambassador will help guide you through this tasting experience, including providing Riedel wine glasses for your guests to use during the tasting.

  • Do I need to provide a meal?

    No, although we do recomend that some simple foods are provided to pair with the wine.  Your Ambassador will help guide you with some recipes for some very simple items that are not difficult to prepare.