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  • "Be the Count" Wine Blending Experience

    Would you like to be the Count or Countess for a day? You can! At Buena Vista Winery our “Be the Count” experience allows visitors to play the role of winemaker for a day during this 90-minute wine blending experience. You will be trained how to artfully blend wine in the same fashion as our founder the Count of Buena Vista, Agoston Haraszthy, crafted wine more than 150 years ago. This experience takes you into our historic blending cave where you will create your own personalized bottle of red wine using our Zinfandel, Merlot and mixed reds. Once you identify your perfect blend, the wine is bottled, foiled, and affixed with your personal label. Choose to take home one bottle, a case or more of your own personally blended wine.


    Experience what happens when the forest and vine collide during a Historic Cave and Barrel Tasting Tour at Buena Vista Winery. Winemakers have used oak barrels to store and flavor wine for centuries. Today, the wines of Buena Vista are still aged in oak barrels, just as they were when the Count uncorked his first bottle of wine more than 150 years ago. This VIP-style tasting tour will take you through our recently renovated, historical caves, where you will taste wines directly from the barrel. Next, your tour will include a tasting of the finished, bottled wine, so you can experience the wine’s evolution from barrel to bottle.

  • Buena Vista History and Wine Tour

    Journey back in time to 1850s California wine country through this guided tour of Buena Vista Winery. A historic Buena Vista figure will be your guide through the property, where you will hear the amazing life story of Agoston Haraszthy, the self-titled Count of Buena Vista. You will explore the recently renovated winery property, visit our Champagne Cellars and taste exclusive, current release wines along the way. If you love California history and wine, this tour and tasting can’t be missed. 


    Our winery is open for tasting experiences and tours year-round, and many Buena Vista guests visit our Private Reserve Bar to leisurely enjoy both our Private Reserve and assorted limited-release wines. Our Private Reserve includes limited production wines that our winemakers have deemed as the ultimate wines in our portfolio. This cozy, rustic bar overlooks the main tasting area and offers the perfect tasting experience for visitors. Whether you happen upon our winery by chance or are extending your stay after another Buena Vista tasting experience or tour, make time for a Private Reserve tasting the next time you visit.

About Us
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    Located just five miles outside of the town of Sonoma, the original Buena Vista winery is now a California Historic Landmark. Founded in 1857, by the self-titled Count of Buena Vista Agoston Haraszthy, Buena Vista is California’s first premier winery, and its history is as colorful as it is proud. In 2011, Buena Vista became part of the Boisset Family Estates. Today, the legend of Buena Vista is being reborn under the careful watch of visionary winemaker Jean-Charles Boisset, who has painstakingly restored the winery to its original glory. 

    360 Virtual Tour of Buena Vista Winery

Our Wines

Buena Vista wines are the finest expression of true varietal character, with great acidity, balance and structure. Their personality reflects the region's abundant stylistic diversity across the six tiers: Private Reserve, Vinicultural Society, Heritage Collection, Carneros, The Count and Sonoma.

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Our Story


The Buena Vista Winery was founded in 1857 by the eccentric winemaker Agoston Haraszthy, the “Count of Buena Vista.” A true pioneer, the Count immigrated to America from Europe in 1840 to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams. His travels eventually brought him to Sonoma, where he found the ideal soil and climate to craft exceptional wine – or as he called it, “red gold.”


The Count was a pioneering force in the growth of the California wine industry. He promoted California grape-growing at every opportunity possible. In 1861, The Count and his son Arpad set off for Europe to study and report on European methods in order to improve California viniculture. The two returned to Sonoma with thousands of vines and samples, representing over 487 varieties – many of which were soon planted throughout the Buena Vista vineyards. As a result, The Count is credited with inspiring California's winemakers to focus on improving viniculture and to plant premium vines that would create remarkable California wines. The Buena Vista Vinicultural Society (BVVS) was established in 1863 and was dedicated to expanding and modernizing winemaking. 


In 1869, The Count’s life ended abruptly when he fell from a tree branch while crossing an alligator-infested stream. He was never heard from again. Sadly, his beloved vineyards were to lay dormant for many years to come. Robert and Kate Johnson purchased the estate in 1878 and built a mansion – The Castle – that they passed on to the Catholic Church and which eventually ended up under the conservatorship of the State of California. Fortunuately, the estate vineyards were rescued by Frank and Antonia Bartholomew in 1943. After years of restoration and with astute winemaker André Tchelistcheff by their side, they eventually began producing world-class wines. The winery released its first post-Prohibition vintage in 1949, which was hugely successful. 

Boisset Family Estates

In 2011, Buena Vista became part of Boisset Family Estates, a renowned and charismatic family with a collection of historic wineries and roots in Burgundy, France. The family, led in the US by Jean-Charles Boisset, possesses a true love and respect for Buena Vista – its unrivaled heritage, authentic roots, colorful history, and renowned wines. Boisset is passionately committed to its 'partnership with The Count' – to continue the vision and legacy he first created 150 years ago. 

  • Jean-Charles Boisset

    Jean-Charles Boisset serves as president of Boisset Family Estates, one of the world's leading family-owned wine companies, with wineries in Burgundy, Beaujolais, the Rhone Valley, the South of France, and expertise in French sparkling wines.

  • Brian Maloney

    Winemaking has been Brian's family tradition ever since his great grandfather planted vineyards and founded a Napa Valley winery at the turn of the century. His mother’s family has been growing grapes and making wine in California for four generations and is still involved in the wine industry today. Brian also learned the importance of the land from his father, whose family has been involved in agriculture in rural Sonoma County for the past 150 years.

    Inspired by the story of his great grandfather, Brian left the family farm to study Enology at The University of California at Davis and graduated in 2003. He worked his first crush at one of DeLoach’s neighbors in the Russian River Valley, Balletto Vineyards.  His winemaking talents and natural way with the land were quickly noticed by DeLoach’s former winemaker, who recruited Brian to join the DeLoach team in 2003.

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