Baccarat Passion Champagne Decanter


Passion Collection Created by Jean-Charles Boisset and Baccarat

Inspired by wine, and in love with luxury, bold visionary and daring vintner Jean-Charles Boisset declares his admiration for Baccarat with the Passion Collection. Beautifully shaped like a wine glass, this decanter is round so the aromatic expression of the sparkling wine can escape and be brought back into the served glass. Wine can easily be poured into the inviting lip and the narrow neck is designed for a gentle, elegant and slow pour representing the slow evolution of winemaking. The diamond cut stem is a nod to the grape being our diamond and allows for the carafe to easily be held. The base is powerful and the decanter is a commanding presence on your table.

Other Baccarat items within the Passion Collection include:

Baccarat Passion Collection White Wine Glasses (Set of 2)

Baccarat Passion Collection Wine Glasses (Set of 2)

Baccarat Passion Collection Wine Decanter