JCB "Green Giant" Bracelet

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The Green Giant represents man-kind as the symbolic element that brings the galaxies together. The star of pearls from the ocean, the burning sun symbolized by the ruby, the radiation coming from the center from the curved world and finally, the ultimate marriage that brings eternal life to the vine. One can feel the energy of life by focusing inward toward the center of the world, and outwards beyond the galaxies!

Materials: 22K Gold plated Brass. Ruby, Emerald, Clear Swarovski Crystals, and White glass Pearls. The bracelet is 22K Gold plated with Black Enamel.

Dimensions: OD - 3” wide x 2.75” depth, 1.64” width; ID - 2.4” wide x 2” depth

Also available as a Brooch/Necklace and Cufflinks.