Say hello to Winebars - a brilliant new category of wine storage and display.  Winebars are elegant bookends for wine!  With an elegant, minimal design that looks amazing whether you have one bottle, or a stack of your favorites. Milled from solid aluminum, brushed to perfectly shaped pyramids, Winebars turn your wine into a display that matches any decor.  Winebars come in a set of two, and each bar weighs about 6 oz, giving them a really pleasing weight and feel. Winebars fit in the fridge, to keep bottles from rolling around. Winebars can go in cabinets, creating instant wine storage. Or use them on your countertops, in kitchens, or dining rooms, even outside.

These Winebars were crafted custom for the Boisset family, laser etched versions with Raymond’s classic logo in romantic red, and the JCB logo on the Jet Black version.  Both are stunning keepsakes that will last a lifetime.

Stack your wine in style! Elegant Wine Storage. A new generation of elegant wine storage and display.

  • Beautiful, modern, minimal, and elegant - a brilliant idea.
  • Perfect for Tiny Kitchens and Big Ones - Winebars match home decor anywhere.
  • Fits in the Fridge - keep your bottles from rolling around.  
  • Winebars® are made from solid aluminum, so they get nice and chilly in the fridge.
  • Bring Your Cabinet to Order - the sleek elegant design turns a spare cabinet into instant wine storage
  • Enhance any space with an elegant display of wine to bring your wine into the party in elegant style.
  • These ship in one set of two bars for $80.

Learn more about Winebars®.

Choose from either our JCB or Raymond Vineyards logo designs below!