Passion for Wine Gift Pack

Contains the brand new release of Passion for Wine book & JCB 2014 Passion Red Blend

Explore wine with confidence! You don't need to memorize reams of data to feel in control when shopping for wine or deciding what to drink with dinner - all you need is a few powerful concepts that explain wine's extraordinary variations of style. In Passion for Wine, French vintner, Jean-Charles Boisset and American sommelier, Marnie Old join forces to create the ultimate wine resource: a book that clearly and concisely explains why wines taste the way they do and how to zero in on styles that suit your tastes.  Once you know that, you'll feel more confident navigating the world of wine. Passion for Wine is elegant in its simplicity and practical in its real-world relevance. Best of all, it harnesses the power of visualization by using infographics and images to convey wine's most complex concepts with ease.

JCB 2014 Passion Red Blend is a culmination; a gathering of styles, vineyards and emotions. This superlative blend is an emotional crescendo; a wine that unites the best of the Napa Valley terroirs to create a harmonious and exceptional blend that captures the essence of the JCB Collection.