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My wine life began in May 2009 on a tasting tour whilst bicycling through Sonoma. Quite simply, I was enchanted. I fell in love and suddenly I knew I wanted to find my place in the wine world and live there forever. By May 2010, I was looking for ways to get into the wine industry, but with no prior wine business experience, my opportunities were thin. But, direct sales, as an independent Wine Ambassador, did present itself as a viable career option. Initially, I was skeptical. But once I started to understand all of the benefits like the freedom to creatively direct and design my own business, mentor others and work from home (not to mention the business trips to wine country!), I decided to give it a try. It tapped into my entrepreneurial spirit while still offering a structure with which to guide me. I’ve been loving it and growing my business ever since. My mission is to create exquisite wine experiences that bring people together to share, connect and indulge in the wine life style. Cheers!


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