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Ken & Keri Roberts

Managing Director

There are no accidents in life. My husband and I have had a long love affair with wine and food yet were not in the least interested in another business. Ken has a successful Mortgage and Retirement Planning practice. I have been a professional matchmaker for 26 years. We have a 18 year-old. Our plate is full. After a taste of Boisset by Jill Schultz and then with Jean-Charles Boisset, we were impressed with the wines and blown away by JCB and his vision for the wine world. His passion and vision, along with the perks of being a Wine Ambassador (buying wholesale, trade discounts, free tastings at other wineries, fabulous trips and a legitimate write-off for our hobby), won us over. When Jean-Charles speaks passionately about the wine lifestyle, he is speaking our language with his irresistible French accent! Spending time with him, fellow Wine Ambassadors and other wine lovers is fulfilling a dream. Join us for a taste of the wines and lifestyle that is Boisset.

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