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We offer some of the wine world's most innovative, memorable and engaging guided wine tasting experiences through our network of Boisset Ambassadors. Bring a taste of wine country to your next gathering!

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Looking for a fun way to reconnect with friends and family, or an engaging event concept for your organization? We can create a memorable wine tasting experience, whether you plan to gather online or in person!

Book a date for your guests to be guided though the wines by one of our knowledgeable Boisset Ambassadors, just as you would be at one of our wineries! You can choose from our extensive menu of interactive, engaging and educational Tasting Experiences, available in a variety of sizes and price points, and all adaptable to virtual or live events, depending on your preference.

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Indulge friends with a wine tasting at home!

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We believe in creating amazing in-home wine tastings, where the wineries come to life and the quality exceeds your expectations. Just like in our tasting rooms, you and your guests sample the wines first. Then, if you love them, you can order by the bottle or by the case and save even more.

When you host a tasting, whether online or in your home or office, you will earn a product credit that can be applied toward your next purchase of wine and more through our website! 

We are sure that you and your guests will have the experience of a lifetime as we transport the elegance of the wine country directly to your home.

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What is a Tasting Experience?

Our Tasting Experiences are "flights" that consist of 3 or 6 bottles of different limited prooduction wines, typically from different Boisset Collection wineries to provide a diverse range.

Whether you and your guests are wine aficionados or wine novices, your Ambassador can help select the right Tasting Experience for your tastes and your budget.

Tasting Experiences explore different themes, from seasonal pairings to sensory science. Each experience allows guests to taste a variety of wines and flavors, and often includes rare and limited edition vintages. For virtual events, each participating household purchases their own tasting experience. For in person experiences, the person hosting the gathering purchases one or more flights, depending on the number of guests attending. Each flight serves up to 15 people.

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