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Shalimar and Peter Mulcahy


When your Boisset Wines are delivered to you the first time, you will remember how special you are that you finally raised the bar on your wine choices, and it doesn't cost any more to improve the quality, value and experience of your wine selections. Special events deserve sparkling wines, the kind that make you smile when the bubbles tickle your nose and your tongue pulsate when it reaches your cheeks. Always include a sparkling wine in your order, you earned it.

Take time to smell the roses, walk barefoot in the grass, count the stars,  with a chilled wine from your Boisset Collection. Want to get crazy? Import from your winery in France- a votre sante'!

If you have not yet tried wines from Boisset Collection, this is your invitation, I am your Ambassador, welcome to JCB wine country. 






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