Nº 49

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Voluptuous whites are richer in texture, thanks to riper fruit. Most are dry wines that feature the added flavor complexity of new oak barrel use, but a handful are lusciously-sweet late-harvested dessert wines.

FOOD PAIRING: Ideally suited to richer dishes and cooked foods, like GRILLED OR FRIED SEAFOOD, POULTRY & WHITE MEATS, plus dishes featuring BUTTER, ONIONS or NUTS.


Jean-Charles crafted the Nº 49 in TRIBUTE to the year 1849, the year when California’s first state constitution was crafted and signed in Monterey, and also a time of great ENTERPRISING due to the gold rush. Today we know that the true gold of California is this GOLDEN elixir – Chardonnay!

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Tasting Notes

A beautiful bouquet of delicate floral aromas, Asian pear and citrus notes spring from the glass. 


Flavors of white peach, honeysuckle and lemon zest are complimented by the smooth creamy palate with touches of caramel from the malolactic fermentation. Hints of minerality lead to a clean, balanced finish.

Vintage Notes: 

The cool climate vineyards in the Russian River Valley produce grapes with high acidity and brightness that delight the palate. Inspired by the growth and change in California in 1849, Jean-Charles wanted to craft a Chardonnay as momentous as the discovery of the first nuggets of gold. At the same time, California was emerging anew, and with the writing of the first state constitution... the state of California was born!

Tech Notes
  • Grape Variety: 100% Chardonnay
  • Region: Russian River Valley
  • Aged: Whole cluster barrel fermented
    • 100% French oak
    • 20% new oak  for 17 months
Pairs Well With
Meats & Fish:
Chicken Bearnaise w/Mushroom
Cheese & Nuts:
Medium cheeses. Goat cheese
Fruits & Vegetables:
Asian pears