Boisset Collection provides an unparalleled direct sales opportunity that is limited only by your desired level of commitment. Our dedicated and inspired president, Jean-Charles Boisset, brings to you luxurious wines cultivated in the sustainable, family-owned vineyards he nurtures and loves.

It’s your business – we provide the tools and training, and then deliver great wine to your customers on your behalf. As an independent contractor, you earn 25% commission and up on all sales (excellent bonus incentives available when you build your own team!). 

You just need to Share Your Love of Wine!


Boisset Independent Ambassadors earn 25-35% commission on sales through: 

Social Selling & E-Commerce

Private Wine Tastings

Luxury Accessories & Merchandise 

Wine Society Memberships

Corporate Gifts

Building & Mentoring a Team


Goal Weekly Hours Annual Average Earnings* Title
Extra Spending Money 3-10 $600-$8,400


Associate Ambassador

Senior Ambassador

Rewarding Wine Business 10-25 $18,000-$48,000


Senior Director

Executive Director

Executive Business Builder 25+ $42,000-$120,000+

Senior Executive Director

Managing Director

* All numbers represent averages. This is an illustration of commission potential. It is not a representation of the results you should expect. Boisset Collection makes no guarantee that you will earn income or be successful.


Online training 24/7, coaching and support network
Personal Website & online resource center
Beautiful marketing materials, email campaigns & social media support


Build friendships and gain confidence within an inspiring community
Earn all expenses paid trips
Celebrate and get recognized



Step 1: Watch our Opportunity Video

Step 2: Create an account

When you create your Ambassador account, you will receive a personal website and robust online business center that provides you direct access to beautiful marketing materials, email campaigns and social media support! Our simple registration ensures you can get started with ease and focus on what matters most: your passion.

Step 3: Purchase kit

Our starter kit is an exceptional value on the tools and wine you need to launch your new Boisset wine business! All Ambassador Kits include:

  • Riedel Stemware (set of 12)
  • Boomerang Corkscrew
  • 2oz Bottle of Wine Away
  • Measured Wine Pourers (set of 6)
  • Ambassador Tasting Guide
  • Customer Order Forms (set of 50)
  • Catalogues (set of 25)

Plus your choice of wine flight:

  • Classic Flight (5 bottles) $295
  • Premium Flight (6 bottles) $335

Questions about getting started? Call 1-855 233-5155 or email


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