Bourgogne Les Ursulines

Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is invariably associated with Burgundy and indeed, it is here that this varietal finds the conditions most conducive to its development... Pinot Noir owes its fame to its native terroir in Burgundy, where it is the only grape used for practically all of the production of red wines. Furthermore, the region's soils and temperate climate suit this varietal perfectly as it is not fond of hot, humid weather. The Côte de Nuits and Côte de Beaune produce what are without doubt the greatest Pinot Noir wines in the world.

Please note that this is an imported wine and cannot legally be shipped to GA, IL, MI, MT, VA, IA, LA, MO or WV.

Tasting Notes

Bright ruby red color.


Intense aromas of wild strawberries and raspberry, slightly peppery notes.


A juicy wine with silky tannins.

Vintage Notes: 

Harvest date: From 8th to 16th September 2017. The grapes were handpicked and collected in 20-kg perforated crates. They were sorted a first time in the vineyard and a second time on the sorting table when they arrived at the winery. At the winery: the grapes were completely destemmed but not crushed and were gravity-fed into tanks. Maceration lasted a total of 24 days including one week of cold maceration (12°C). Fermentation used indigenous yeasts only (no additives such as enzymes or tannins were used). Infrequent punching of the cap. In the cellar: aged on the lees for 8 months with no racking using a proportion of 15% new French oak barrels that had been toasted at low temperatures for a long time for very delicate oaking. This wine has the noblest pedigree imaginable, coming as it does from the Côte de
Nuits. The grapes were grown on old vines on which specified growing techniques were used: controlled yields due to severe disbudding, cluster thinning if necessary, working of the soil, little or no use of fertilisers, environmentally friendly pest management that respects beneficial wildlife.

Tech Notes
  • Varietal: 100% Pinot Noir
  • Harvest Date: 8th-16th September, 2017
  • Aging:
    •  8 months on the lees
    • 15% French oak
Pairs Well With
Meats & Fish:
Spicy Grilled Shrimp
Cheese & Nuts:
Medium cheeses
Fruits & Vegetables:
Sautéed Mushrooms