Baccarat Passion Collection Martini Glass (Set of 2)


The glass, the one, the only, the ultimate. Dreamed and designed by Jean-Charles Boisset, created by Baccarat. Inspired by wine, and in love with luxury, bold visionary and daring vintner Jean-Charles Boisset declares his admiration for Baccarat with this Passion Collection. Born into the world of wine in Burgundy, Jean-Charles' lifelong passion began as a child, growing up among the vineyards. Today the vintner boasts a Franco-American collection of historical and unique wineries in the most prestigious terroirs, from Burgundy to California.  A newcomer to the already prestigious crystalware family, this set of martini glasses allows you to experience the king of cocktails like never before – consider it the key to unlocking all of its timeless aromas and flavours. This ultimate martini glass is 6.7" high and 3.75" wide and is perfect for any collector or martini enthusiast.

Martini glasses, boxed set of 2.

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