Buena Vista Tokaji Aszu

Dessert Wine

Aszu wines are made when using wine making techniques dating back to 1631. The wine is aged skillfully for a minimum of 3 years and the Puttonyos number indicates the amount of Aszu berries used and the level of sweetness, with 6 being the highest rating for this premium wine. The grapes were harvested from locse, Di6kut and Omlas vineyards. Soil rich in rhyolitic tuff loess over  rhyolyte bedrock and under a clay top, plots on steep slopes, and an excellent microclimate combine to form a highly desirable ecology for wine-growing.

Tasting Notes

A beautiful golden color in the glass.


This rich, honeyed wine offers complex aromas and notes of dried apricots and orange blossoms. 


The opulent flavors and coating mouthfeel is balanced with refreshing acidity giving it a bright, luxuriously long finish.

Vintage Notes: 

The weather conditions during 2008 were perfect for Aszu wine production. It was a dry year, but the balanced precipitation during late summer and early fall was perfect for developing the botrytis fungus. The alteration of dry and rainy days gave great noble rot, and high acidity.

Tech Notes
  • Region: Buena Vista Winery (Tokaji Aszu)
  • Alcohol: 10.5% 
  • PH: 3.26 g/L
  • Total Acidity: qq.q g/L
  • Residual Sugar: 171.1.g/L
Pairs Well With
Cheese & Nuts:
Medium cheeses
Fruits & Vegetables:
Apricot dishes, Cheesecake, baklava, Gundel-style pancake, blue cheese or the traditional Hungarian dessert the “vargabéles