Red Blend

An inspiration from the wild, the Leopard is UNTAMEABLE. Comprised of the three elements… this wine brings together vine, earth and water in an exotic blend. It is mysterious and wild, the EXOTIC and the SAUVAGE, the harmonious balance of earth and freshness.

Tasting Notes

Enticing on the nose with dark fruit aromas of blackberry and blueberries tat mingle with baking spice and black currant.


this wine delights with notes of cedar and sweet plum which dazzle the palate. With a rich, yet velvety-smooth tannin structure, this wine will intrigue for years to come.

Vintage Notes: 

The Leopard is an uncommon Napa Valley blend with enticing energy and heart. The lush, velvety femininity of the Cabernet Sauvignon unites with the animalistic spice and power of Syrah. It is rich and dense, while delicate and feminine… It is wild and harmonious!

Tech Notes
  • Varietals:
    • Syrah
    • Cabernet Sauvignon
    • Cabernet Franc
  • Region: Napa Valley
    • Valley floor Cabernet Sauvignon
    • Hillside Syrah & Petite Verdot
  • Aging:
    • Aged in 100% French oak
    • 41% New oak
    • 20 Months
Pairs Well With
Meats & Fish:
Thick Juicy Sirloin Steaks
Cheese & Nuts:
Strong Hard Cheeses