Clos du Prieuré

Pinot Noir

Though Vougeot is best known for the highly reputed Clos de Vougeot, covering almost 51 hectares, the Premier Cru and Village appellations in the remaining 16.5 hectares should not be forgotten. Connoisseurs yearn for this wine, sitting at the night hand of its lord, and sharing most of the qualities of the Grand Cru.

Please note that this is an imported wine and cannot legally be shipped to GA, IL, MI, MT, VA, IA, LA, MO or WV. 

Tasting Notes

Very reduced aromas of strawberry, coffee and game.


A well-balanced, silky and refined Pinot Noir; a vigorous mouth that rounds out nicely on a long finish.

Vintage Notes: 

Ullage planted out. Earthing-up of the vines in winter. Spraying of nettle and rhubarb, horsetail, yarrow, tansy, comfrey tea during each treatment. Biodynamic preparation of 500 and 501 at the end of the winter and of 501 in spring before the flower. Suckers removed in spring.

Tech Notes
  • Varietal: 100% Pinot Noir
  • Aging: 16 Months
  • Barrels: Oak, 33% New
  • Production:
    • 3321 Bottles
    • 98 Magnums
Pairs Well With
Meats & Fish: