Riedel Sommeliers Black Tie Wine Decanter

Celebrating Riedel Sommeliers Glass Collection 40th Anniversary!

DRESS CODE BLACK TIE: The Black Tie Decanter is ‘free blown’, meaning the glass blower forms it by hand without the aid of a mold. A rod of black crystal (colored by manganese oxide) is introduced while the glass is molten. The length of the hollow glass piece is determined by the arm span of the glass blower. Only an extremely talented glassblower can successfully sculpt these creations, and each decanter is slightly different—one of a kind. Classic, curved, and arguably crucial to wine enjoyment, Riedel’s Black Tie decanter makes decanting a joy from poured in to pour out.

  • Lead free crystal.
  • Handmade in Germany.
  • Collection: Sommeliers